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Ice Ciders and Wines


Natural, certified organic sustainable and biodynamic, Boreal Berry Farm & Winery is:

Your local, 100% Canadian fruit and vegetable grower and packer for frozen foods.

One of the largest ice cider producers in Canada.

The largest certified organic boreal and arctic berry orchard in North America

Canada's coldest Climate winery

The only certified organic fruit and vegetable processing facility in Ontario

Premium Certified Organic Fruit and Vegetables  - Fresh and Frozen-------------------------------------

Our handpicked berries, fruits and vegetables are packed right on site. Our farm is home to Ontario's only certified organic fruit and vegetable packing facility, where we harvest and pack fresh and vegetables fruit all season long. Only hours from the fields, our fresh fruits are enjoyed fresh in season, and frozen year round!

Boreal Berry Farm Frozen Foods - Our superior quality and fresh taste sets us apart!

Our delicious, sustainably grown certified organic local fruit is featured in retailers all over Ontario. Look for Boreal Berry Farm fresh and frozen fruit at your favorite grocer!

Try our NEW! Boreal Berry Farm Frozen Fruit in Metro, Sobeys stores and many other fine retailers across Ontario!

We supply many of your favorite restaurants and food retailers with local Ontario grown frozen  fruit and vegetables.

Our fruits and vegetables are harvested fresh in season and flash frozen to lock in flavor and quality.

Ask for Boreal Berry Farm foods at your local shops and support Ontario farmers!

Award Winning Authentic, Artisan Wines and Ciders

Our traditional award winning techniques blended with carefully hand harvested berries produce some of the finest wines and ciders in the world. Try our Gold Medal winner, our Manitoulin Maple Apple traditional ice cider, made from hand pressed frozen apples, or our Limited Edition Mara des Bois cider, made from frozen on the vine Mara des Bois strawberries from Northern France.



Certified organic to COR with Pro-cert Organic Certifications, the top certifying body for organic foods in Eastern Canada.

We grow and pack certified organic Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Apples, Peaches, Cherries, Sea Buckthorn, Haskap, Saskatoon, Aronia and Rhubarb.

We also offer Conventional Pesticide Free Non-GMO fruit and vegetables, all grown to organic standards.


The challenge of building and maintaining a winery and packing facility in the north was overcome by our unique construction technique. Our facility located right on our farm is built to LEED standards with concrete filled insulated foam blocks to create an above ground cave, allowing us to use sustainable heating and cooling systems.

We use an innovative night air cooling method to maintain our cellar temperature in the warm season without the use of cooling units. Developed in Germany, our system uses very little electricity and the natural cool air of the northern summer nights to maintain our cellar and freezer temperatures.

Carbon Reduction

Using solar power to run many of the processes in our winery and facility reduces our carbon footprint.

We are growing switchgrass as a bio-fuel to heat our winery in the winter.

Our orchard produces Carbon Credits through our Zero-Tillage Farming Practices and Nitrogen Emission Management Practices.

We observe standards that both reduce our carbon footprint, and create carbon off-set credits through our organic and sustainable fruit tree orchard.

greenhouse gas emissions by observing certain standards that reduce CO2 emissions - See more at:


We use no outside inputs and keep heritage breeds Canadienne cows and Chantacler chickens to produce fertilizer for our orchards.

Our Boreal and Arctic berries, fruits and vegetables emerge early in the spring season, and rely on sustainable native pollinators. We provide pollinator habitats in our orchard to provide year round nourishment for our natural pollinators.

Our Winery and Frozen Food Facility

Our family estate winery and cidery is located on a scenic 160 acres on the Nepewassi River in Ontario, Canada.

Our fruit and vegetable packing faciity is located right next to our orchards and fields, to ensure the top quality and freshness is packed year round for you.   

In our boutique winery, we make wines, ice ciders and ice syrups from fruit grown in our rich silt loam orchards on the edge of the Boreal forest in Northern Ontario.

We are the only traditional ice cidery in Ontario, making ice ciders in the French cidre de glace method of pressing naturally frozen apples.

The cold nights and hot days of our short boreal summer grow flavor-forward and nutrient rich fruit which we hand pick and cold press to craft our artisinal ice ciders and wines.

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Our winemaker Greg Melien's devotion to quality was recognized by our Gold Medal in the All Canadian Wine Championship in 2015. Our consultant winemaker Dominic Rivard is renowned worldwide, winning numerous awards as a wine master, and a specialist in fruit wine, dessert wine, and ice wine production.

Greg's expertise has been called upon in the field of Haskap berry orchard development and care, and frequently speaks for farm and horticulture events.

Winery Tours

Open year round.

Summer Hours May-October

Saturdays 1pm-4pm, Sundays 1pm-4pm.
Winery Tours available 11am Saturdays and Sundays. $20 per person includes an interactive tour of Canada's coldest climate winery hosted by our winemaker, and a tutored wine tasting session.

Winter Hours November-April

Saturday 1 - 4pm

Sunday 1 - 4pm

All our wines are available for sale in our winery boutique. Tutored wine tastings available, hosted by our winemaker.

Open for corporate, charitable and private event bookings year round. Monday to Friday 12pm-7pm
Weekends 12pm-7pm.
Wine tastings, wagon rides, boutique shop, licensed patio overlooking our beautiful grounds.
For group bookings or to book a tour call 705-920-7096.

Tours are complimentary for members of the Canadian Forces

Our Farm and Orchards

We are the largest organic specialty fruit orchard in Canada, growing Haskap (Honeyberry), Saskatoons, Cherries, Lavender, Aronia, Goji, Lingonberry, Bilberry and Sea Buckthorn, along with Wild Blueberry, Wild Strawberry, Heritage Raspberry, Marion Blackberry and Peaches.

In our innovative 2800 sq. foot greenhouse, we have Mara des Bois strawberries, a gourmet variety from northern France. These rare and fragrant day-neutral strawberries are frozen on the vine used in our very limited run, rose ice ciders.

We run the largest haskap breeding program outside of Saskatchewan, and have produced new Ontario varieties of haskap with greater yield and mouth-watering juicy berry flavors.

We are the oldest and largest haskap berry orchard in Eastern North America. We have introduced the Haskap Berry as a commercial crop to Ontario and developed a line of Haskap products for the Canadian market.

In 2013, we received the Ontario Premier's Award for Agri-innovation for successfully introducing and marketing the Haskap berry for Ontario agriculture.

We have been featured in countless articles and interviews about our farm, winery and haskap growing in Ontario.

Our farm and orchard is Certified Bee Friendly with Partners for Sustainable Pollination, and we maintain wildflower meadows surrounding our orchards to provide safe, natural habitats for our pollinator friends.


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