5th Annual Haskap and Specialty Fruit Symposium


Apr <span>30,</span> 2017 / 01:00pm


Apr <span>30,</span> 2017 / 04:30pm


Warren, Canada, ON, 748 Little Brule Rd, P0H 2N0


5th Annual Ontario Haskap & Specialty Fruit Symposium - Economics of Small to Mid-Scale Specialty Fruit Farming
The Symposium will focus on the following topics:
Specialty Farm and Business Establishment presented by Greg Melien
Greg Melien from Boreal Berry Farm & Winery will be discussing specialty orchard business management from a grower and processer's perspectives along with long term orchard management planning for financial success and return on investment for haskap orchards. Emphasis will also be placed on maintenance cost analysis, rate of return and financially sustainable farm plans and long term management of multi-year specialty fruit crops.
International speakers giving a global perspective: ( Dependent on speaker availability; topics may change)
Weed and pest control costing for specialty fruit orchards in North America
This session will focus on specialty fruit cultivation targeting pest and weed control with a focus on choices, techniques and maintenance costs for various orchard configurations for u-pick, machine and hand harvesting, sustainable and cost effective weed and pest control methods.
Specialty Fruit Export Market Opportunities
Presentation in regards to current export market opportunities, economic factors for exporting, quality requirements, trade volumes in the frozen berry industry and an overview of the specialty berry industry.

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